Discovered By Uysse, described by homer in the odyssey, lotophages island is linked to the continent by the roman road of el kantara.

The « Borj El Kebir » dates back to the fifteenth century. In 1560, 5000 Spanish peapole were slaughtered under a terrible office headed by corsair dragut and the Turkish people.

Guellala became famous thanks to its pottery workshops. At the beginning, earthenware water Jugs and Nonglazing jars essentially made to fish octopus.

From April to October, earthenwar water Jugs are commonly seen hanging at the top of palm trees: sap, « lagmi », and the favorite drinks of djerbian people are collected early in the day. You can often see a man climbing a palm tree to remove an earthenware water jug full of lagmi frozen by the freshness of the night.

Kyranis Events arranges for dinners in the caves where porreries are stored to dry. Fish is prepared by fidhermen and cooked in palm leaves. For Rewarding travels, for commercial team stimulations, for a service and more than that, the lotophages island is a major destination for a factual travel, with a 2h30 flight, within an exceptional climate.

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