MICE Program: A rewarding travel in Sousse (3 days, 2 nights)

Day 1

  • Conveyance
  • Welcome cocktail party served in a farm of vineyard fields
  • Dinner in an artist workshop on the heights of Sousse Medina V.I.P Service
  • Night spent in the hotel’s room

Day 2

  • Departure by a pirate boat in the couse of the morning ,boarding on the beach of your hotel :you will be introduced to finishing and will discover the sailors’rhythm of the life by talking with them
  • Landing on a deserted beach
  • Pi-nick lunch and free time for swimming
  • Journey continuation by 4*4 to visit the city of Hergla
  • Way back to the hotel
  • Drinks offered around the swimming pool
  • Reception dinner under berber tents set up on the beach in the form of arc of circle around a huge fire camp
  • During the whole dinner,folk band and belly dancers animation
  • Night at hotel

Day 3

  • Pedestrian rally in the Medina of Sousse
  • Lunch in a traditional house
  • Transfer to the airport

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