Tunis & Gammarth

Tunis & Gammarth

Tunis, the country’s capital, has become the business and congress city. It has charming alleys, historic appeal and a buyant Medina.

Kyranis Events suggests that you dive in with a Road Book and make the participants at your congress feel the flavour and perfume of an authentic Medina.

Kyranis Events suggests an arrangement for up to 400 people cocktail and dinner parties in the largest archeological museum in the Maghreb : Bardo Museum.

We also arrange for up to 300 people dinner parties with an Arab philharmonic orchestra in the antique city of Carthage, which has an amphitheatre, and a Punic district with the Saint Louis Acropolium. For important events, we privatizes the antique theatre.

In Sidi Bou Saïd, the white and blue village, Kyranis Events privatizes a number of houses and cafés for cocktail or dinner parties. This is addition to the famous « Baron d’Erlanger » residence for a lunch or dinner party with Arab music.

On the coast of Carthage or on the hill of Didon, Tunis is today a major destination for small budgets or for 2000 people seminars. We will offer you an original, authentic and majestic event.

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