MICE program: A rewarding travel on the coast of Carthage (3 days, 2 nights)

Day 1

  • Conveyance
  • Pleanay session
  • Cocktail party on the swimming pool side
  • Dinner reception in the old house of the Bay of Tunis
  • Dinner, night spent in the hotel’s room

Day 2

  • Breakfast
  • Sub-Comitee under a tent on the beach
  • Lunch in the hotel
  • Road Book in Tunis Medina
  • Dinner in Saint Louis Acropilium with Hadhra ceremony ( rite of a great ceremony )
  • Night spent in the hotel’s room

Day 3

  • Breakfast
  • Departure with a doctor in archeology to visit Carthage and its baths
  • Lunch on the beach’s hotel
  • Departure to the airport

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